[Video Training] A Primer to Creating Products Strategically

$ 37.00

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"Just watched your product video and it was SO great! Thanks for keeping it simple and breaking it down into steps and for sharing all your resources! Such a great value and now I feel like I have a better idea of how to think about products and setting up a shop!" - Cheryl McCaffrey, Artist

A Primer to Creating Products Strategically

A 30 minute video training (slideshow with audio) + 3-page resources guide PDF
Available for immediate download after purchase

Do you want to open your own online shop? Do you make your own artwork, and want to see your art on products that you sell directly to customers?

If you're not sure how to get started, I've created this video training as an overview to help you navigate the basics of making strategic products that your customers want to buy. 

Don't get stuck spending your cash on making products without any thought behind them. In this short but very sweet and concise 30-minute training, I'm sharing...

• An overview of the strategy behind creating marketable products
• 5 themes to help analyze your product idea and ensure its success
• Identifying your target market
• How to test your market (for free or cheaply!)
• Overview of the process of sampling and producing any product
• Ways to minimize your risk 
• Pricing for retail vs. wholesale
• Setting up your product listings - what to include
• Marketing tips and launching your product

BONUS: I'm also including a 3-page PDF guide of resources for where to source packaging, printing products like calendars and tea towels, and MORE! This PDF is well worth the price of the entire training, because it includes sources that took me years of researching to compile. 

Who is this training for? This training is geared towards artists or illustrators who want to produce their own products, but the principles can be applied to anyone creating a physical product of their own design. 

If you're not sure if this is right for you, email me at hello@julietmeeks.com and I'll be happy to help and give you an honest answer.

TECH NOTES:  If you decide to invest in this knowledge, congratulations! Once you purchase, you will be able to download the video training and PDF. Note that this is NOT a physical product, but a digital download. Files may not be shared with anyone. Due to the nature of digital products there will be no refunds on this training. 
The video file included is a large file, and best downloaded via a desktop or laptop computer (not your phone). You will receive 5 download attempts for the files (this is to help prevent someone from unlawfully sharing their link to a large group of people). If you have tech issues and need your downloads refreshed, please email me at hello@julietmeeks.com.