Thank you for your interest! I love to collaborate with other brands through licensing my art. For more information about working with me, head to my portfolio page here. You can then head to my contact page to submit more details about your project.

I’m interested in using your artwork for my product or service. How does that process work?

Please do not copy or share any of my images, artwork, blog posts, or photographs without emailing me first for permission. If you’d like to share about my work, please email me at hello@julietmeeks.com. Thank you!

Can I use your art or images for my blog, website, social media, etc.?

Yes! Find my prints in my shop right here

Do you sell your artwork as prints? 

I used to teach local watercolor workshops in New Orleans, but for now you can learn watercolor with me through my classes on Skillshare

Do you teach watercolor workshops? 

At this time, my studio is not open to the public. That may change in the future! 

Can I visit your studio in New Orleans? 

I graduated from college with an English degree, but had begun focusing on graphic design during my senior year. I worked as an in-house designer at a local newspaper before leaving to pursue Juliet Meeks Design full-time in 2015. I thought I would be a freelance graphic and brand designer, but instead jumped into creating 100 watercolor patterns with The 100 Day Project. That project led to my first licensing collaborations, and the rest is history! I’ve been licensing my artwork ever since, launched my shop, and began teaching online classes for fellow artists. 

How did you get started?

I wish I could provide personalized feedback for every artist, but unfortunately due to my full schedule I am not able to offer one-on-one consultations, website/portfolio reviews, etc. If you would like to learn from me, I suggest checking out my online courses!

Do you offer one-on-one consultations for fellow artists? Can you review my website/Instagram/portfolio?

You can log-in to access your course library right here.

I’ve purchased one of your courses. How do I log-in to access it? 

Learn more about my course offerings on this page! 

I'd love to learn from you! What classes do you offer?