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The Art Licensing Guide is here!

The Art Licensing Guide is here!

When I was first starting to make art, I was imagining my designs on products like fabric and stationery but I had no idea HOW to get there. ⁣⁣

I spent hours (probably a total of days) researching online, trying to figure out the “best” ways to make a living from my art. ⁣

Why couldn’t someone just tell me what to do and how to be successful?! What I learned is that there is no best way, there is just YOUR way. And every artist or designer’s path will be different.⁣

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in the art business and licensing world so far, and wrote what is meant to serve as your DIY guide to licensing your art. I want to empower you to take your success into your own hands, and not let yourself or anyone else hold you back. I want you to feel like you have control in how your art is used in client projects, and give you the tools to understand the pricing, contract terms, and philosophy of valuing your work that comes with any project. ⁣

I’m overwhelmed by your response so far about the Art Licensing Guide. You have given me amazing feedback, and ideas for how I can continue and improve it each time! If you’re a surface designer, illustrator, graphic designer, fine artist, etc. and curious about the guide, read below for more on what's included, or shop the guide here.

 Topics include:

 Defining licensing and copyright basics
 How to copyright your artwork
 Tools you'll need as a surface designer
 Potential career paths you can follow
 Branding your work and honing your style
 How to set up your portfolio
 Marketing your work
 How to get licensing clients 
 Pitch email examples
 Pricing your work (with actual numbers and real life cases!)
 Royalties vs. flat fees
 Understanding contracts and industry terms
 Working with clients and professionalism 
 A compilation of additional resources and tools
 and more!

What else do you get?

 A bonus Q+A video (20 mins) answering your questions
 Lifetime access to any future updates of the guide. When I update the information, you won't have to purchase again to get the new version! 
✧ 5 actionable worksheets in the guide to help tailor the information to your needs
 Confidence to begin or refine your career as a surface designer



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